Centrefold - 45mm width/20mm folded heightCentrefold- 25mm width/48mm folded heightEndfold - 22mm height/56mm folded widthStraight cut - 50mm height/50mm width
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MINIMUM ORDER OF 500 LABELS, Available in multiples of 500, 1000, 1500, 2000 etc...
These labels are made offshore
We are working on adding more variations of label type and size to this new listing...

High quality custom made woven fabric labels.

These labels are perfect for sewing onto clothing and accessories of many kinds and have high durability.

For 10 years we have built a trusted relationship with an offshore manufacturer and can guarantee that nothing will be lost in translation. We set up the artwork and email a screenshot of the design to you for approval, then when the design is approved we proceed to have a sample produced. The pre-production sample photo is emailed to you for approval of the colour and quality before proceeding to produce the full order which takes approximately 4 weeks. 


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Total Price: $ 0.00 NZD.  GST included.